does not send SPAM

Ok, if does not send spam, then why am I getting spam from

Well, simple, your not. Like a physical letter, internet email does not have to have the real return address of the sender. The idiots that send spam do not send it with their own return address because that would be too easy to block. So, they find legitimate domains names and send and e-mail out with the return address as someone elses trusted name. (If they used names not registered, those could be blocked easy too)

To determine who really sent you the e-mail, check the ads in the email sent to you. Those that profit from those sites are the jerks that are responsible for the spam.

How is this possible for someone to sent spam and use someone elses address listed as the sender. The way internet mail works isn't a whole lot different than the US postal system. If you took an physical envelope and wrote the return address to the president of the United States, someone might just think they had a letter from the President. The postal marking might indicate it's true origination point, but it would be next to impossible to determine who sent it.

To make matters worse, the spammers have begun to attack and compromise (take control of) machines of normal users (they call these compromised machines zombies) and use them to send the spam. This would be like me putting a letter in your mailbox and raising the flag. Still, if the letter was sent to extract money from you, there has to be some kind of link back to the originator in order to transfer funds. In our letter scenerio, you would have to track down the culprit through the mechanism he put in place to pay him.

So, if you read this far, let me finish by saying that you may be upset by the Spam you get, however, believe me, you are not more upset than I am at their use of in the "return address."

It is my full hope that those that abuse the internet will be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (any perhaps lose their fingers).